Our history
The initial observation

It all began during a trip to Sweden. We discovered a little shop selling various articles. Among them, cufflinks, each pair more original in shape and colour than the next, at very attractive prices. This offer immediately grabbed our attention, since it was the exact opposite of what we were used to finding in France. Truly, the French shops all tended to sell mostly classic designs at higher prices.

histoire Maison du Bouton de Manchette

Star Wars cufflinks, the detail makes the difference.

On closer inspection, the cufflink is truly the ideal medium for expressing your creativity, for well-dressed men. Whereas neckties tend to be usually quite formal, cufflinks offer greater freedom because they are more discreet.

Discreet but visible enough to allow you to express yourself, cufflinks add a touch of elegance and/or colour to your outfit. They also allow you to share a passion, a sense of belonging, a memory; they give a little wink that shows your style.

histoire Maison du Bouton de Manchette

The adventure begins

Following this observation, we decided to become the specialists in cufflinks and to offer a timeless and varied range, at very attractive prices.

cravate the nines boivin

To start our collection, we made an initial selection of cufflinks in line with our thinking: classic, original and playful designs. We turned to various different brands and designers. From some of the leading designers like S.T. Dupont and Robert Tateossian, to large luxury houses like Lanvin and Nina Ricci, and including some more out-of-the-way French designers like Diane de Navacelle or Geraldine Valuet.

Creating the collection

We then set out to create our own designs. We drew our inspiration from everything in our environment, no matter how varied: sports, cars, crafts, music, animals, etc. This collection has grown steadily over the years.

histoire Maison du Bouton de Manchette

Brisbane II cufflinks, with moveable propellers. Over are the meetings in which we are looking at the ticking clock.

In an original but still very elegant style, we also designed a collection of time-pieces, based on movements from old watches, which we then mounted on cufflink-feet.

Our production process

Once we have the idea, we work on design drawings for the model: shape, size, colours – nothing is left to chance.

cravate the nines boivin

The cufflinks are then moulded, polished, painted, varnished and welded to the cufflink- foot. They then undergo an initial check for size and color. They are then sent to our Paris office, in order to conduct a more accurate quality control inspection and to guarantee your complete satisfaction.

moule bouton de manchette

We then pass our plans to our manufacturers.

emaillage bouton de manchette

The making of a template which will be used to create other cufflinks.

Short distribution for reasonable prices

Consistent with our initial idea and the observation we made during our trip to Sweden, our prices have been established accordingly. We have chosen to organise our production process and distribution in a short-circuit form. This means that we have limited as much as possible the number of intermediaries, allowing us to provide you with attractive prices without reducing quality.

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